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Charity Donations

"Plan International UK is a global children’s charity. We work to give every child the same chance in life.

In every child there’s a spark of imagination, curiosity and ambition. But not every child is born with the same opportunities. When you face poverty or violence the odds are stacked against you. When you’re a girl it’s even harder to be safe, to be in school and to be in charge of your body.


All children deserve an education, health care and clean water. All children deserve the chance to thrive. We’re fighting so every child, especially every girl, knows their value. We’re fighting so the communities they’re growing up in – and the world around them – value them too. And if disaster strikes we’re there to protect children, keep them learning and help them recover. We work to give every child, every chance. Are you in?"

- Plan's Core messaging 



You can find out more about Plan International and how to contribute to their vital work here.                                                      Last updated 01.04.20

Plan International UK

Plan International UK/Maheder Haileselassie Tadese

Why hmrwrites donates to Plan International

The first time I had heard of or encountered Plan UK was at a service station and one of their adverts was near the door and caught my eye. I was fairly young and I remember it being very poignant and almost hard to look at - even though it was only a few sentences long. It made a real impression on me and I have wanted to support the charity in some form ever since.


I found this charity at a vulnerable time in my life towards the start of puberty, and I couldn't imagine having to deal with the changes I was going through without support or education, let alone what was and IS happening to girls and young women who are less fortunate than myself - and experiencing things I will never have to experience. To imagine not having ANY support still terrifies me, and this advert really opened my eyes into the reality of what it can be like for girls growing up today. 


The ad was one where you could text a number and give a set amount, and I did this straight away. At the time, I was too young to sign up and make regular donations. Since then, I have remained interested in the charity, but have only donated 'on-and-off', with small amounts and - in honesty - probably not as often as I should.  I have never been in a position financially to make a considerable and regular donation, so I chose to apportion the profits from some of my works, and use my platform here as a way of making regular donations to the charity to hopefully make a real difference - all through your help of course!

All of my available work that contributes to Plan is also available for free on different platforms, which I try to make as clear as possible in the different product descriptions in my shop. I want to make all of my work as accessible to as many people as possible, whilst also supporting a  charity I feel passionate about.


In order to contribute in as many ways as I can, this is why I offer my work in multiple formats. I realise it is not viable for everyone to pay for my work all the time, but I feel grateful I am able to have this option to support and spread the word of such a valuable cause. I hope you may consider looking into the charity yourself; the work Plan do is invaluable, and I have had only positive experiences with the team (little mention to the lovely Louise for helping me with this page)!

How hmrwrites donates to Plan International

hmrwrites is able to donate to Plan International through your reading of my work. Below is a full breakdown of which products help contribute to Plan International's vital work, and where to browse them:

How Best to Stage a Breakdown (2019):                                                                                                                                                                                   

£0.99/$1.25 approx.     Buy from the hmrwrites shop       Buy from Amazon

#30dayshmr 1-6 (2019):

£2.99/$3.89 approx.     Buy from the hmrwrites shop 

hmrwrites makes a bi-annual donation to Plan International. The sales of every copy of How Best to Stage a Breakdown and all editions of #30dayshmr (currently 1-6) sold through the hmrwrites shop and Amazon are supporting Plan International UK, which works to advance child rights and equality for girls across the world. 

hmrwrites have currently donated £21 to Plan International. hmrwrites last donation made was £10 on 01/04/20. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, you are helping to change lives across the world. 

hmrwrites aims to be as transparent as possible wherever all things money are concerned. All and any questions, concerns and issues regarding any comments stated are welcomed and should be addressed to

Plan International UK      Facebook      Instagram    Twitter     @PlanUK

 Plan International UK/Patrick Kaplin 

The hmrwrites Blog

You can access The hmrwrites Blog here, or find a list of different literary blogs and inspiration for your own writing on the Resources page here.                Last updated 04.02.20

The hmrwrites Blog is launched 26th January 2020, and I'm looking to collaborate with ANY writers, poets, bloggers, photographers or artists on upcoming/future blog posts. My aim is to create a space that helps to connect us across platforms, whilst also offering varied content from a wide range of collaborators. I'd love for this blog to act as a chance for you to ‘showcase’ yourself as a creative, with the freedom to create your own post, on your own topic and in your own style.  

The hmrwrites Blog has new posts three times a week: Tuesday 5PM, Thursday 5PM and Sunday 10AM. You can find more information about the current hmrwrites schedule here


If you fancy finding out more about how to contribute to The hmrwrites blog, feel free to drop me message on my socials, or to email me at

Alongside my website here, you can also find me across my socials. I have also been lucky enough to be featured on:                                                                                                                                    


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