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Apologies if you were expecting a Tuesaday Book Blog, but I'm here to interrupt you with The hmrwrites Blog's first Author Interview! I first found James on Instagram a few weeks ago, when I was doing my routine search for some new poets to feature on the pages I help to curate (Heart Of Poets, Solace Publication and Wilderness Of Poets). Whilst he's new to the #poetrycommunity, I was inspired by his mix of traditional form with modern themes. I hope you enjoy our little chat, comment below if you're interested in doing something like this for your own work.

Hannah, @hmrwrites: Hi James, how are you today?

James, I'm very well thank you!

H: I'm really glad to hear that. Ok, so I'll jump straight in! I found your account through Instagram; what made you want to start your writing account, and do you have any other platforms where people can find your work?

J: Well, obviously I was writing poetry before Instagram, but I started showing my work to friends and they suggested that I share my stuff with the world. I don't currently have any other platform, but it's something that I'll probably consider in the future.

H: That sounds exciting! You say you were writing before, as most of us have been; how old were you when you wrote your first poem/prose/piece of writing that made you want to dedicate more time to it?

J: I don't know, it didn't really start at a particular point in my life, I just started writing I suppose!

H: That's amazing, always better when something can grow organically I think! I know we've spoken briefly about your use of language other than English in your work. Do you have any plans to write in other languages, and why have you chosen to do this?

J: Well, I wrote my most recent post ('Une poém d'amour', please see end of blog post) in French because of Valentine's Day, but then I thought, poetry is so universal, and because of that, even if you don't know what it's saying, you can still appreciate it in a way.

H: That's such a beautiful idea; do you have any plans to write in other languages?

J: Definitely! I'm going to try and write a few more in French, and then maybe some in Spanish or Italian, perhaps even more.

H: That's definitely something to look out for then. Being able to speak multiple languages is such a gift (as someone who can only speak English, I'm very jealous for sure)! It says in your bio that you're planning to post multiple genres. What kind of writing genre, or style, is your favourite and why?

J: Ironically enough, for someone who has no romance whatsoever in their life, I'm great at romantic poetry. I love writing horror aswell, I find that horror can fit very well with poetry, especially with irregular rhyme schemes.

H: Sounds like an impressive repertoire, and it's so good that you are able to identify your own strengths and see how your interests can cross over. Do you currently have any bigger projects on the go (such as a collection, novel, blog, etc.) besides your social posts?

J: Not really, I'm just seeing how my Instagram turns out first, but I'd love to branch out at some point in the future.

H: I think seeing where this takes you is positive attitude, and I'm sure that's how most of us started out (me included)! You've said when we've messaged before that you're taking A-levels at the moment, what are you currently studying? And do you have any plans post-A-levels?

J: I'm studying History, English Literature and Philosophy. I definitely plan on going to University because I want to be an English teacher.

H: Those subjects all work so well together, it must be fun (and useful) to see the crossovers between them? Teaching is such an inspiring profession to be in, I certainly couldn't do it! Do you have any poets, writers or books that you inspire you?

J: Well, my three favourite are Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Wordswroth and Christina Rosetti.

H: What do you like most, or what inspires you most, about them?

J: I love the romantic poets in general, their love for natures and the awe-inspiring power of the natural world.

H: I haven't ventured in to them too much myself, but it's a period I'm definitely wanting to explore with my own writing. I think that's all the questions I have, thank you very much James.

Until next time, H.M.




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- You can find James online via Instagram ( All photos and rights to them belong with James.

- We conducted this interview via Instagram messages. If you would be interested in doing something similar to this for your own account(s) and/or project(s), please feel free to get in touch with me either via or through my socials.

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