Updated: Feb 16

Since The hmrwrites Blog has been up and running for a couple of weeks, I thought I'd post a very quick look into the planned scheduling for the upcoming future, as well as possible collaboration ideas specific to The hmrwrites Blog:

Tuesday Book Blog, 5pm: I wanted to dedicate a blog post a week to all things books and reading. I'm wanting to use this space to develop my own thoughts and reflections on what I have read, based on: initial thoughts after reading, drawing upon prior contextual knowledge, all alongside a little research to support my views.

Collaboration ideas: book reviews/developed thoughts, current read(s), favourite book(s), what you want to read, techniques or how to make reading a habit, promoting/discussing your own book/ebook, any interpretation of a 'Book Blog Post'.

Thursday Thoughts, 5pm: I started sharing my ‘thoughts’ from the day (three little snippets with a photo I’d taken) onto my Instagram stories and thought The hmrwrites Blog could be a great space to expand upon what I share as well as how this relates to myself and my poetry. Expect mid-week musings on all things varied, emotional, writing and life related as I share more of what's going on behind the writing.

Collaboration ideas: sharing your own thoughts, discussing experiences/story that relate to your work, promoting/discussing your own book/ebook.

Sunday Sit-down, 10am: A lengthier piece to relax you into the last day of the week. For me, Sundays are all about relaxing, being a little lazy and prepping for the week ahead. Here is where I'm planning to discuss my poetry, share other writing projects I'm working on and largely give you an excuse to take ten minutes out for yourself with a (hopefully) good read.

Collaboration ideas: using this space for however you wish - such as promoting your own work/event/giveaway/contest, an interview, joint poem(s)/prose, promoting/discussing your own book/ebook.

Misc.: Currently, all those posts that I can't quite find a home for (like this one)!

I AM ALWAYS OPEN TO NEW IDEAS and 100% up for collaborating across platforms! I would love for you to be able to use The hmrwrites Blog as your own space to talk about what you want to talk about (or if you're into photography/art, a place to also exhibit your work). If you want to write a blog post, have an idea that may not fit into these categories (or one that does), or are just interested but not sure where to start, please get in touch with me at or alternatively message me on my socials.

Until next time, H.M.




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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to be featured, have new ideas or want to write for The hmrwrites Blog; I’m always looking for new people to collaborate with. Feel free to drop your own blog/website/socials in the comments.

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