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Please see the Templates section for all the #30dayshmr downloadable Resources. Please see the Writing Prompts section for all the #30dayshmr writing prompts and their credits.                                                                                                    Last updated 03.06.20

#30dayshmr was originally set up as a personal challenge, to hold me more accountable to note-taking and to help my own writing process. Essentially 30 prompts for writing poetry, #30dayshmr has evolved into my BIGGEST collaborative project to date, encouraging us all to confront our creative processes.  The challenge encourages free-writing for five minutes every day, within the broad constraint of using the writing prompts. In doing this, the poems created are often messy, experimental and unstructured. When I first started writing poetry, this was one of the things I was most afraid of doing, convinced I would only be a 'good' writer if my poems were perfect straight away. But through undertaking this challenge, I have realised how essential getting things wrong is to the writing process; by seeing my mistakes, re-working my poems and playing around with structure, it has allowed me to produce better poetry and learn far more about my approach to writing than I first thought when I created this challenge. 

​I was sceptical about using prompts at first and put off trying them for SO LONG, but I have found this way of working helpful with my overall motivation, as I am somewhat restricted by the prompt, and so forced to think deeper (I often find myself relating prompts to specific memories and experiences that would not otherwise influence my work). Through sharing this approach with others, it allows us to consider each other's work in relation to our own, and allow our differences to improve our own poems and writing.  

There have currently been twelve rounds of #30dayshmr has (that's twelve months, three-hundred and sixty different writing prompts)  is taking a little, indefinite break. Here are a few of my favourite responses from some of the people who have joined in with the challenge so far. You can find more responses under the #30dayshmr hashtag on Instagram


Celeste, @poetryandlight

Using #30dayshmr May

Day 18 prompt 'The taste of sunrise'

Karri, @innerglowpoetry

Using #30dayshmr September 

Day 4 prompt 'Sunken'

September, @september.stardust 

Using #30dayshmr March 

Day 17 prompt 'Once was love'

OM, @obscuremonlogues

Using #30dayshmr October 

Day 4 prompt 'The empty harvest'



Using #30dayshmr October 

Day 18 prompt 'Sophistication'

Scarlet's response to a #30dayshmr prompt


Using #30dayshmr May

Day 1 prompt 'Broken clock'

Mona, @blossom.mist

Using #30dayshmr February 

Day 6 prompt 'A beautiful smirk'

Scarlet, @a_scarlet_b

Using #30dayshmr August 

Day 26 prompt 'Bliss'

Yash, @yashpoetry

Using #30dayshmr May 

Day 27 prompt 'Behind the curtain'

Anna, @expansivenessofalways Using #30dayshmr December

Day 22 prompt 'When we were the happiest we ever were'

Mari, @poetessofhearts

Using #30dayshmr January 

Day 5 prompt 'The journey concludes'

Nadine, @bynadinetomlinson 

Using #30dayshmr May

Days 1-18 prompts 

Kristiana, @kristianamst

Using #30dayshmr May 

Day 24 prompt 'Vandalism'

How can I get involved?

Even though #30dayshmr is taking a little break, you can always get involved by using the prompts in any way you choose, in any order, for your own poetry and writing projects (some writers use one prompt and then go on to write a longer poem, others only use the ones they like, they also work in long-form poetry and longer fiction pieces - it's your opportunity to get creative!). You can also get involved by following my socials (@hmrwrites on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and using the hashtag #30dayshmr (please tag me, @ me and let me know if you decide to participate in any way! I would love to read and share what you create).

*Free writing in literary terms is often referred to the technique of ‘just writing whatever comes into your head’; I usually give myself five minutes and write until the timer goes off, then I underline my favourite parts which I think I could use in my work. 

You can find out more about #30dayshmr on my FAQs page, which details exactly what the challenge is, how to get involved and where to find past #30dayshmr challenges. You can purchase previous #30dayshmr ebooks through The hmrwrites Shop here


Below is a list of poetry and writing blogs I enjoy or have found useful to my own writing.                                                                                                                                     Last updated 18.06.20


More Than A Flower  

Thought Catalogue

The Dust Blog


Painting the Pages

Dream and Travel

Hmk Stories Blog

Soberly Drunk Poetry

MBH Poetry

My Screaming Twenties

Amy Littleford Author


Below is a list of poetry books and ebooks I have enjoyed or found useful to my own writing. This list is by no means exhaustive, please do get in touch if you would like to be considered for a feature.                               Last updated 20.07.20


Between the Trees, by Kristiana Reed

Ten Pumps, by Beta Ghyslain Van Cauwenbergh

Romance of Thoughts, by Mona Sundaram

Travellers For Life, by Miriam Otto

Loveish, by Sakshi Narula 

Moon Writing, by Sharon Andrews

Instapoet: A Poetry Anthology, by Augie's Bookshelf

My Body as a Ghost Town, by Lauren Poole

When The Water Washed Me Away, by G.D. Bubb

Apothecary Bloom, by L.R. Sterling



Below is a list of videos I have enjoyed or found useful to my own writing. For my own videos, please see the hmrwrites Youtube channel here, or my IGTV here.                                                                           Last updated 20.07.20

Amy Littleford's Spoken Word Poetry,

PoetCalledR's Spoken Word Poetry,

Scarlet Abeer's Spoken Word Poetry,

Ella Sanderson's Spoken Word Poetry,

G.D. Bubb's Spoken Word Poetry,

Georgina Melendez's Spoken Word Poetry,

Miriam Otto's 'Learn to Fly'

Barbara Soehner's Spoken Word Poetry,


can be found through her IGTV here.

can be found through his Instagram here.

can be found through her IGTV here.

can be found through her website here.

can be found through his IGTV here.

can be found through her IGTV here.

can be found through her IGTV here.

can be found through her Youtube here.


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Train River Publishing

Silver Leaf Poetry


Globalage Poetry

Writers' HQ

You can also submit to be featured on Socials by these Organisations below.



This list is by no means exhaustive, please let me know if I have missed anything.              Last updated 16.08.20

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This list is by no means exhaustive, please let me know if I have missed anything. Often these Organisations have an ongoing submissions process, using personalised hashtags and images (most of which can be found through their social link in the third column).                                                                 Last updated 22.07.20


Solace Publication  

Resilient Poets

Voices of Poets


Pack Poetry

Blue Verie Poetic Magazine

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Poetic Reveries

The Heart of Poets Foundation

The Creative Sector

Pen and Pendulum

Hope*Writers Community

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*anthology on the way*

Linktree (and how to find their anthology)

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*currently undergoing maintenance*

In partnership with Poetic Misfits

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*anthology on the way*

In partnership with @societyofpoetry

I aim to update these lists regularly, and am always looking for new poets and writers to connect and collaborate with. If you fancy being featured or want to work on a poetry/writing project together, feel free to contact me or find me across social media @hmrwrites.    

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